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Tehnosvet CJSC

"Technosvet" CJSC was launched in 1996.
Since 2000 the company has begun to develop the direction of the creation of new medical technologies with the use of RF and microwave bands, which led to the creation of the first installation of microwave coagulation "hemostat-M."
Another system "Metatom-2" is intended for minimally invasive percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of metastases, tumors and pathologically changed tissues with an opportunity of biocidal or biocompatible electroconductive solutions injection.

Сайт: http://www.technosvet.org/index_e.htm


PIQ-PHARMA is one of the first innovative pharmaceutical companies of Russia. Our activities are directed towards development and practical application of modern medical products with the purpose of providing doctors and patients with effective means of treatment and prevention of diseases.

The company includes departments for development, registration, promotion and sale of modern effective medical products.

Since its establishment in 1994, PIQ-PHARMA has been working together with research centers, supporting promising scientific research projects in Russian biochemistry and pharmacology. Basing on the research results, the company creates and brings to the final consumer highly effective means of treatment and prevention of diseases.

The company has its own production base, conforming to the European quality standards for pharmaceutical production.

Сайт: http://piqpharma.com/

Exacte Labs LLC

Exacte Labs LLC is a contract research laboratory specializing in bioanalytical method development and validation according to FDA/EMEA guidelines, development of lab manuals, preclinical and clinical protocols, design of lab kits, sample analysis, pharmacokinetic modeling and statistics. We support preclinical, clinical and bioequivalence programs of our clients. Our equipment includes two highly sensitive AB Sciex 4500 and 5500 QTRAP LC-MS/MS systems operated by professional analytical chemists with at least 3 years of experience. Quality of our work is ensured by QA department and frequent self-inspections and audits. We participated in more than 10 bioequivalence and Phase I clinical studies and numerous preclinical programs.

Сайт: http://exactelabs.ru/eng.html

MZKRS suture materials LLC

MZKRS suture materials LLC is a leading Russian manufacturer of surgical suture material, member of the Russian Association “Rosmedprom”, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce, and the Guild of medical-care product manufactures, holder of the Moscow Reliable Company Certificate and the 1st-Grade Laureate of «Moscow Quality 2012» Award.

The company was founded in 2000 and has a long history of manufacturing and supplying surgical suture materials to more than 64 regions of Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belorussia.

It has a number of production sites in Moscow and several other regions of Russia, producing more than 2 million product units per year.


DNA-Technology CJSC

The company was the first in Russia to begin introducing fluorescent detection of PCR products in laboratory tests on a large scale, using both a variety of reagent sets and its own made-up equipment.

Today the FLASH technology has become popular not only in Russia but also worldwide. One of Russia's first real-time thermocyclers was developed, introduced into practice and registered by DNA-Technology. The mobile PCR-laboratory developed by the Company is unique in its kind.
For its achievements the Company received awards at the 3-rd international congress 'Biotechnology: "Current State and Development Prospect", by the Moscow Regional Duma, The Rear Echelon Directorate of the Armed Forces.

DNA-Technology plans to continue developing advanced science and technologies and expand cooperation with scientific and clinical institutions. The Company actively cooperates with leading experts in PCR and molecular biology to keep abreast of the latest science and technology developments not only in Russia but also in the rest of the world. 

Сайт: http://dna-technology.ru/eng/


HemaCore is a biotech company, develops medical devices and methods for hematology. HemaCore was founded in April, 2010 by a group of scientist who invented and patented the Thrombodynamics – a new global assay for monitoring and prognosis of blood coagulation disorders: bleeding and thrombosis, precursors of heart attacks and strokes. In 2010 HemaCore received the first round of investments from RUSNANO and Sberbank Capital intended for developing the analyser, consumables and organization of clinical trials in Russia. HemaCore has completed final design of product for the serial production of the Thrombodynamics analyzer and disposables. In Europe and USA: Research Use Only.

Сайт: http://www.hemacore.com/en/