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Movicom LLC is a developer and manufacturer focusing on robotic and machatronic equipment dedicated to special cameras used in live broadcasting, outside or studio production.
Company's portfolio contains modular Robycam® cable camera system, carbon fiber gyro-stabilized and standard Robyhead remote heads, telescopic columns, motion control systems and various electronics useful for building a special camera production infrustructure, According to the company's approach all of the products are developed as parts of the larger system in mind and therefore ensure long life and support for the customer and can easily be integrated into an existing or new production system or for instance stadium infrustructure. They are available separately or in systems ready to work or integrate, which can be very useful for production companies or integrators.
Movicom has a good experience in working together with live production companies as well as stadiums, sports and concert halls. Company's goal is to make special cameras not to be so "special" in terms of management difficulty while keeping their "special" effect.

Сайт: http://www.movicom.ru/en/


«ECOINVENT» has been involved into the development, production and supply of training systems for vocational schools of primary, secondary and high level since 1997. Training systems is a complex of technical, software, program and methodical instruments (for students and teachers) that provide for the increase of the effectiveness of the educational process in various subjects.

«ECOINVENT» is a permanent member of the Intergovernmental Association of the Developers and Producers of educational equipment (MARPUT). Together with other members of the association «ECOINVENT» takes part in the preparation and realization of various projects aimed at fitting-out of all types of educational institutions within the framework of the governmental project «Education». More that 300 educational institutions all over Russia were equipped with the products of our company.

Сайт: http://www.ecoinvent.ru/en/