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  • Lumex LLC

    Lumex LLC

    Lumex LLC develops and distributes throughout the world a wide range of laboratory and automatic analytical instruments of more than 20 types of its proprietary design for scientific and industrial research, process and environmental control, providing its high-tech analytical instruments with a comprehensive methodological support and extensive training of customer's personnel.
    Сайт:  http://www.lumexinstruments.com/
    Analytical and control equipment
  • SuperOx


    SuperOx company was founded in 2006 with a goal to establish production of textured high-temperature superconductor coatings on metal substrates – second generation high temperature superconducting tapes (2G HTS). The equipment built with materials can change the image of the modern energy and transport industry. As well, 2G HTS tapes enable the production of far more efficient magnetic equipment for research and medicine. Due to unique electric and physical properties of high temperature superconductors, the application of 2G HTS tapes results in unique and superior qualities of power cables, fault current limiters, transformers, motors, generators, energy storage systems and magnets. Superconducting equipment is of high power, is compact, efficient and environment-friendly.
    Сайт:  http://www.superox.ru/en/
    Energy conservation, energy efficiency, energy safety


    “AXITEKH” group of companies is one of the leaders in design and implementation of units for telemetry and telecommunications at objects of gas distribution in the CIS countries. It also offers a variety of technical solutions in the field of technological processes automation for industrial and municipal facilities.
    Innovative approach of the company to design, implementation and technical support of management and information systems of any complexity level allows to solve almost any problem related to the automation of distributed objects. The company’s customers include both large public and state organizations and institutions and private enterprises. Today “AXITEKH” group of companies have commissioned more than 3600 objects of technological processes automation in the CIS countries. 
    Сайт:  http://www.axitech.ru/
    Energy conservation, energy efficiency, energy safety / Analytical and control equipment
  • FORC-Photonics


    FORC-Photonics was founded by researchers of the Fiber Optics Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FORC) in 2005 as a commercial enterprise specialized in fiber optics.

    The main lines of business are as follows:

    Сайт:  http://www.forc-photonics.ru/en/
    Analytical and control equipment


    «ECOINVENT» has been involved into the development, production and supply of training systems for vocational schools of primary, secondary and high level since 1997. Training systems is a complex of technical, software, program and methodical instruments (for students and teachers) that provide for the increase of the effectiveness of the educational process in various subjects.

    «ECOINVENT» is a permanent member of the Intergovernmental Association of the Developers and Producers of educational equipment (MARPUT). Together with other members of the association «ECOINVENT» takes part in the preparation and realization of various projects aimed at fitting-out of all types of educational institutions within the framework of the governmental project «Education». More that 300 educational institutions all over Russia were equipped with the products of our company.

    Сайт:  http://www.ecoinvent.ru/en/
    Mechatronics and Robotics
  • HemaCore


    HemaCore is a biotech company, develops medical devices and methods for hematology. HemaCore was founded in April, 2010 by a group of scientist who invented and patented the Thrombodynamics – a new global assay for monitoring and prognosis of blood coagulation disorders: bleeding and thrombosis, precursors of heart attacks and strokes. In 2010 HemaCore received the first round of investments from RUSNANO and Sberbank Capital intended for developing the analyser, consumables and organization of clinical trials in Russia. HemaCore has completed final design of product for the serial production of the Thrombodynamics analyzer and disposables. In Europe and USA: Research Use Only.
    Сайт:  http://www.hemacore.com/en/
    Biomedical technologies, medical equipment and materials
  • EmWi


    "EmWi" is the innovation company which provides full cycle of vending equipment development and arranges mass production of machines.
    Сайт:  http://emwi.ru/en
    Information and communication technologies

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