A resident of the Technopark Slava has introduced an innovative test to assess the T-cell response to a new coronavirus

"TigraTest" is safe, has no contraindications and is carried out by a blood test.

The bioanalytical laboratory "Exaсte Labs" has brought a new scientific research "TigraTest"to the Russian market. It is carried out using reagents produced by the Russian company JSC "Generium".

The test allows detecting T-lymphocytes in the blood that specifically respond to SARS-CoV-2 virus antigens using the ELISPOT method with an accuracy close to 100%. The solution is the most promising platform among the methods for assessing the T-cell immune response.

"The "Exaсte Labs" Center specializes in complex methods of biomaterial research at the production site located on the basis of the Slava Technopark. Every year, the laboratory conducts about 13 thousand tests, cooperating with leading medical clinics in Moscow and the largest laboratories in Russia," - explained Alexey Fursin, head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the City of Moscow.

T-cells respond to the virus entering the body earlier than antibodies, their response provides long-term protection against coronavirus infection, which is why the assessment of T-cell immunity is important. Unlike antibodies, T-cells live in the body for several decades and provide long-term protection against the virus.

Coronavirus infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus takes critically different forms of course: from almost asymptomatic and mild, to severe with the development of pneumonia and death. Why this happens is still unclear, but the degree of immune protection is one of the main explanations. A comprehensive test of protection against coronavirus consists in determining the level of class G antibodies to the virus (assessment of humoral immunity) and determining T cells that respond to virus antigens (assessment of T-cell immunity).
It is recommended to check the cellular response by the "TigraTest" method for people who have undergone COVID-19, whose blood does not detect antibodies (IgG), people who have come into contact with COVID-19 patients and patients after vaccination.

TigraTest will allow you to learn about the immune response to COVID-19 and evaluate the effectiveness of the immune response to vaccination. This study is safe, has no contraindications and age restrictions.
LLC "Exaсte Labs" is engaged in the introduction of innovative laboratory technologies to the Russian market on the basis of the technopark "Slava". In 2021 the laboratory center plans to expand the range of unique tests for the diagnosis of socially significant diseases.

Source https://www.mos.ru/news/item/88664073/