Slava Technopark is an element of the innovation ecosystem created on the initiative and with the support of the Moscow Government on the territory of the Vorontsovo industrial zone in the South‑Western administrative district of Moscow.

At the Technopark site, small and medium-sized innovative enterprises go from idea to product commercialization. More than 70 companies are residents of Slava Technopark.

  • 2.8
    Land plot area
  • 31
     тыс. м2
    Total area of premises
  • 674
    Area of shared-use infrastructure facilities
  • 1050
    Employment count
  • 110
    Candidates and doctors of science
  • 9
  • 6
    Permissible electrical power
  • 5
    Permissible heat output
  • 60
    Available water supply load