Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin presented the national industrial award to the company “S-Innovations”

The Industry Award was established in 2014 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to promote the introduction of promising technologies in industrial production, as well as public recognition of advanced Russian practices in the field of industrial development. In 2015 the award received the status of a government award.

Its winner must meet several criteria. This:

  • technological novelty-evaluation of the effectiveness of the technology, advantages over existing solutions on the market;
  • economic effect-analysis of the demand for technology, forecast of commercialization, dynamics of the volume of markets, economic benefits for the end user;
  • intersectoral nature of the project-assessment of the systemic effect on the development of industries; to what extent the presented technology can be used in other sectors/industries, increasing productivity, competitiveness and growth rates;
  • orientation to the global market-assessment of the volume of export indicators in the total volume of production of the company; indicators of the success of the company's activities abroad.

The prize is awarded to the winner annually at the international industrial exhibition "Innoprom". This year the winner was the company "S-Innovations", the award was awarded for developments in the field of high-temperature superconductors.