School excursion to Technopark “Slava”

On May 27, Technopark "Slava" was visited by schoolchildren of the Moscow State Budgetary Educational Institution "School № 1571". Students of the 7th grade of the information technology profile got acquainted with the infrastructure of the technopark, learned about its history, about the activities of the residents and visited the production of one of the companies of the technopark - CJSC SuperOx.

"SuperOx" is a modern high-tech enterprise for the development of technologies and production of equipment based on high-temperature superconducting (HTSC) wires of the second generation. One of the company's developments is the HTS TOU current-limiting device, which is innovative equipment for the electric power industry, designed to ensure the reliability of power supply to megacities and large industrial centers. With the help of current-limiting devices, reliability is achieved at the lowest cost and risk. The company's specialists also developed an electric aircraft engine based on high-temperature superconductors with a power of 500 kW, which was installed on the Yak-40LL flying laboratory. The engine has already passed ground and flight tests. The company has also created an electric rocket engine with a superconducting magnet. It uses 10 times less fuel (by mass) than "chemical" jet engines, and therefore can become a key element for an interorbital tug, as well as deep space exploration vehicles.

After the excursion, the schoolchildren got acquainted with the activities of the Technopark's Technological Center for collective use and took part in the master class "Nanoparticles around us". The children saw how the sizes of nanoparticles are determined using dynamic light scattering techniques, and they were able to try to measure the size of nanoparticles in the proposed samples themselves. They also learned about the effect of ultrasonic waves on the process of crushing nanoparticles, tried to work with modern high-tech equipment.