Workshop on microbiology at school No.1507

On October 20, 2022, at school No. 1507 in Moscow, in the 8th "G" class with an in-depth study of natural sciences, a workshop was held as part of the special course "Microbiology", prepared by the teacher of biology Alexandrova V.P., Ph.D. and employees of the Technological Center for Collective Use of the Technopark "Slava" on the topic "Assessment of microbiological risks in various forms of financial settlements."

In the first part of the workshop, the head of the technology center in the direction of "Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials" Shmakova N.S., Ph.D. recalled a brief classification of microorganisms and spoke about nutrient media used in microbiology. With great interest, the guys got acquainted with the preparation of the nutrient medium and in the second part of the workshop they began to perform laboratory work.

The purpose of this workshop is to conduct a microbiological assessment of banknotes of various denominations and degrees of wear, coins, cards used in settlements, as well as telephone panels, that is, all items that a person uses in financial transactions. For a more complete analysis of the problem, a microbiological assessment of the washout of hands and study desks was carried out.