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Dear colleagues and partners!


Stock Company "Technopark Slava" was established at the initiative and with the support of the Moscow City Government in 2008 and is being administered by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship in Moscow.

Nowadays SC "Technopark Slava" is one of the modern dynamically developing technoparks in Moscow. Also a scientific and technical council was established, the complex infrastructure for support for innovative activity of residential enterprises was created as well.

About 80 small and medium enterprises are located on the territory of the technopark.

Here are the lines of activity of the enterprises located and functioning on the territory of SC "Technopark Slava":

- biomedical technologies, medical equipment and materials;

energy conservation, energy efficiency, energy safety;  
mechatronics and robotics; 
- information and communication technologies
analytical and control equipment. 

The complex infrastructure (Business center) was created in SC "Technopark Slava" to support prosperous innovative activity of small and medium enterprises in Moscow:

conference hall;

exhibit hall;

meeting room;

technological center of collective use including modular laboratories.

We hope for profitable cooperation!

                                                                                                   CEO of SC “Technopark Slava”     

                                                                                                                       Viktor Shkredov