Руководство и команда

Генеральный директор АО «Технопарк Слава»

Viktor Shkredov

  • Served in the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

  • From 2004 to 2008, he was Deputy General Director of the Moscow open joint stock company «Slava» (Second watch factory)

  • In April 2008, he headed the joint-Stock company Technopark «Slava»

  • In December 2013, he was elected Chairman Of the Board of the TSR «Organization of the Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (employers) in the southern Federal district of Moscow»

Государственные награды и поощрения

  • Medal «for distinction in the protection of public order»; Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 09.04.1997 No. 322;

  • Recognized as the winner of the Moscow competition «Manager of the year – 2010» in the category «development and support of entrepreneurship»;

  • Certificate of public recognition in the South-Western administrative district of Moscow for effective work on the creation and development of innovative and technological productions, development and promotion of new products and technologies on the market from 01.11.2011;

  • Recognized as the winner of the Moscow competition «Manager of the year – 2016»;

  • The Mayor of Moscow «For the contribution to the development of industry in Moscow, fruitful work aimed at improving the efficiency of production and quality of products»; order of the Mayor of Moscow from 16.11.2017 year № 853-RM.

Совет директоров

The Board of Directors of Technopark "Slava" JSC was elected by the Annual General meeting of shareholders of Technopark "Slava" JSC on June 24, 2019 with the following composition:

  • Volkonickaya Kristina Gennad’evna;

  • Sibgatullin Ajnur Anverovich;

  • Sobickij Aleksej Andreevich;

  • Tabel’skij Andrej Nikolaevich;

  • Turkina YUliya Vladislavovna.

Команда технопарка